Ninh Binh and Ha Long own a wealth of beautiful landscapes, from stunning natural sights to impressive religious monuments. Once you take part in this tour, you will have chance to visit religious sites in Ninhbinh tour from Hanoi. Be overwhelmed by the mighty and delicate structures.


Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest Buddhist pagoda in Vietnam, known for its many records including the largest bronze Buddha statue in Southeast Asia, the largest bronze bell in Southeast Asia, the corridor with the largest Buddha statue … Soul from thousand years ago forward to thousands of years later. With magnificent architecture, magnificent, splendid, statues with majestic features, tolerance, art carved, exquisite bronze casting, majestic scenery and majestic scenery, mountains, pillows, mountain ridge The pure spiritual space that surrounds every step of the way, the people who are relaxed, the light, the pure mind, the Truthfulness-Compassion-Mind. Arrive in Bai Dinh, you can admire right before the eyes Tam Quan monument nearly 17 meters high. This is the boundary between the divine and the realms. Just step foot through Tam Quan, one can mix into pure spiritual space. Next is the 36 ton copper bell, hung on high tower with the echo, spreading everywhere, dispelling all the suffering, alert beings? The long corridor with 500 Arhat, is the path that leads us to the Buddha’s realm. The Bodhisattva Statue, the largest Buddhist bronze Buddha in Vietnam, carries on his strength, charity, belief in the good sown into the heart. A large, sophisticated architecture is placed between the scenes. From a distance, Bai Dinh Pagoda looks like leaning on the edge of the green hills. The scene sparkling fanciful with the vast sacred space has brought it into a spiritual picture is both cool, ancient.


Phat Diem means “to generate beauty”. It can be said, the Phat Diem Cathedral represents the quintessence between Buddhism and Catholics, and designed roof like the temple Buddhist temple is the most unique architecture in Vietnam. Next is the cross on the lotus, just like the Buddha is sitting on the lotus. This is considered the most unique architecture in the world.
Situated on an area of ​​over 20 hectares, the population of the church includes 11 buildings were built, rational layout, forming a beautiful ancient landscape. Over 100 years, the items are still almost intact. In front of the church is a rectangular lake surrounded by stone embankments. In the middle of the lake there is a small green island with shady trees and white stone statue of Jesus with two hands, eyes looking straight ahead.
Almost everything here is made of stone from floor, wall, column to bar…. Unlike other churches with towering architectural styles, Phat Diem churches are architectural in the way of communal houses, pagodas and temples. In order not to deny the values ​​that Vietnamese people always cherish, and to distance themselves between the different faiths in the early stages can retreat into the past, Father Tran Luc is expected to reproduce the A good traditional symbol, in which Catholics can still worship God with the mind of the Vietnamese, respect and preserve custom as precious heritage. More than 100 years, Phat Diem is more ancient and dignified with layers of moss. Not only living on the cliffs on the high mountains, wild plants have also come and live right on the stone walls in the church to create beautiful moss.


The Yen Tu relic site is known as a natural landscape but preserves many historic sites and is known as the “land of Buddhist monasteries in Vietnam”. Yen Tu relics include a system of pagodas, am, towers and forests of ancient trees mixed with natural scenery, scattered from red slope to Yen Tu mountain gradually higher in Thuong Yen Commune, Uong City Mi, Quang Ninh province.
The system of temples, amulets in Yen Tu concentrated on the mountain slope east of the mountain. Not to mention the sacred temple at the foot of Red Hill, Cam Duong pagoda in Uong Bi, Lan pagoda in Nam Mau hamlet, the road to Yen Tu will go through a journey as follows: Pagoda Oan – Hoa Yen – Heaven Gate, followed by Pagoda Putuo, Bao Sao Pagoda and located at the highest point of the Yen Tu range is the Dong Pagoda. Located in the mountainous arches of the Northeast, Yen Tu Mountain with Dong Pagoda is located at 1,068m above sea level. In the past, Yen Tu Mountain was famous as a spectacular place and was listed on the land of Vietnam. Yen Tu has become more and more famous since the Tran dynasties (13th century) chose Yen Tu Mountain as a place to cultivate and cultivate Buddhism, forming Truc Lam Zen. Since then, the system of pagodas, temples, and towers has been restored by the following dynasties, building from the foot to the top of the mountain.

Coming to the ruins of Yen Tu, the greatness of the mountains combined with the antique look of the system am, the tower along with the road; Trees, architecture, apricot trees growing on both sides of the road shade shadows make travelers forget the tiredness of the ramp. Yen Tu became the center of Buddhism since King Tran Nhan Tong abandoned his throne in a monk’s robe and set up a unique Zen Buddhist lineage in Vietnam. It became the first of the Ngu Giac Hoang Tran Nhan Tong (1258-1308). The emperor has built hundreds of large and small works on Yen Tu Mountain as a place for spiritual practice and propagation. Finding a land of Buddha Yen Tu, a trip full of memories has been saved in the hearts of the Buddha once the source of the impressive.

Visit religious sites in Ninhbinh tour from Hanoi with us to find yourself at peace, to getaway from the chaotic of daily life. From the mighty Bai Dinh Pagoda, the unique Phat Diem Cathedral, to the holy Yen Tu, it must be the highlight of your trip.

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