It should be noticed what transportation in Ninhbinh tour from Hanoi once you decided to take part in this tour. Transportation is an important part of any trip, and our travel specialists pay much attention to choose what vehicle to be used during your journey. In this 2-day tour, you will have chance to experience variety type of transports: from bicycle to traditional boat or cruise boat. Each will leave memorable time!

In this section, we offer different information on transportation in Ninhbinh tour from Hanoi, from which you can make a comparison and decide your transfer modes by your own.


Getting to Ninhbinh from Hanoi

Ninhbinh is easily reached from Hanoi either by bus or by train.

By bus

It takes around 2 hour to traveling by bus from Hanoi, depending on the route it takes. From Hanoi, public buses leave every 15 minutes until 7pm from Giap Bat station, Luong Yen station or My Dinh station. Ninh binh station is located near the railway station and cross Lim bridge leading to Phat Diem. Ninhbinh is also a stop point for open – tour buses between Hanoi and Hue.

By train

It’s far more pleasant than chaotic roads when travel by bus and it’s cheaper. Train stop at Ninh Binh station at least four times a day on the route heading south. Fares vary depending on the class of train and seating you check, ranging from 44000 to 85000 VND.

To help you keep the best physical strength, we arrange the private car with private driver. If you want to have bus or train experience, ask us to change.

Bike tour around Hoa Lu

The first stop in Ninhbinh will be Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Visit to the temples of Dinh and Le King, the two kings who live in 10th century and chose Hoa Lu to be citadel of the capital city of Dai Co Viet. We will arrange the bike tour around Hoa Lu. Here you can contemplate the scenery of lush rice fields, karst formations and the countryside’s villages.

Boat ride to Tam Coc

With limestone formations among serene rice paddies, Tam Coc is the best acknowledged on a laid-back row-boat ride with the sound of the river lapping against the oars. A wonderful experience that ones can take in the Ninhbinh tour from Hanoi!

Take consideration of visiting early morning or late afternoon when things are quieter. The boat ride to discover Tam Coc will begin at the Pier Van Lam, through the beautiful Ngo Dong River. We will board on a small row-boat, which also called sampan, with maximum capacity of four people. This 3-hour excursion will take you to the natural wonder of green karst formations, the three famous caves of Hang Ca, Hang Hai, and Hang Ba. Thrilling in the tranquil and pleasant beauty.


Getting to Ha Long from Ninhbinh

The next destination in our 2-day trip will be Ha Long Bay, a Wonders of the World, a magnificent seascape of thousands islets.  You can get local bus to Bai Chay station, not far from harbor to take your boat excursion. There are two buses leave every day, and the ride will lasts around 4 hour. In stead of, we will arrange private car with private driver, which will save time, and more flexibility.

Cruise trip on Ha Long Bay

The most popular way to experience Halong Bay’s karst scenery is on a cruise.

Luxury cruise

If you want to pamper yourself among the best seascape of Vietnam, Halong Bay has some first class cruise options that are truly luxury hotels on water. Taking these boat cruises means you’re paying for the experience of five-star facilities– not for any particular distinction from the typical cruise itinerary – but if you want to unwind at the sun lounger while your boat cruise through hundreds of islets, this will never be your wrong decision. It’s a high class treatment, and the romantically inclined that are surely reward any coin that you have to pay. What better than pamper yourself among the nature wonder with high class service. If budget doesn’t matter, it’s must be a highlight of your entire trip.

Midrange cruises

Apart from luxury experience, most traveler go to Ha Long choose midrange or budget cruises, but don’t need to be upset, there is a huge range when it comes to price and value for money. There are some cruises that offer really best deal, but safety is not their priority, when there are some excellent midrange options that will satisfy you with comfortable hotel-style cabins, very helpful, knowledgeable tourist guides as well as kayaking stops. If your budgets are tight, it’s sometimes better to choose a suitable midrange cruises.

As our trip to Ha Long Bay doesn’t last long, a four-hour trip, stopping at big-hitter cave highlights Hang Dau Go and Hang Thien Cung, explore one of the most famoust gotto of Ha Long Bay. Continue cruising through Ha Long Bay and pass through numerous beautiful islets: Dog (Hon Cho Da), Incense (Hon Dinh Huong), Fighting Cock (Hon Ga Choi)…

Almost midrange cruises on Ha Long Bay will offer an hour kayaking. Paddling around the wondrous karsts formations offers you to experience the limestone towers from a completely different angle: up close, at sea level and without the constant thrum of an engine in the background. If you want to have more experience kayaking, join a kayaking trip to the little-visited of Lan Ha Bay.

Ninh Binh and Ha Long Bay are amongst the top destinations in any Vietnam trip. 2-day tour isn’t long enough to uncover the wonderfulness of these two beauties. But, to allocate well with your time budget, this 2-day Ninhbinh tour from Hanoi more or less take you in the legend sites, nature taste, and worldly wonder. Furthermore, in just two day, you can have chance to experience variety means of transports, it will be surely an unforgettable trip!

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